I am a Ph.D. student researcher in the Computer Science department at the University of Pittsburgh, currently working with professor Yuru Lin at PICSO lab. Prior to joining the program, I briefly worked at Amazon (Jordan) as a Software Development Engineer. I received my master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Arizona State University, and my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology.

I admire technicality in research, which comes from my passion for programming. I participated in several Hackathons and programming contests, such as ACM and IEEEXtreme, both nationally (Jordan) and regionally (Middle East). I am the recipient of the Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award (SIPGA) from A*STAR research, and the Royal Jordanian Court full scholarship for Undergraduates.

My research endeavors are situated at the crossroads of Machine Learning and Social Computing. My work explored diverse online social phenomena, including the examination of malicious activities on the dark web, investigating the interplay between online and offline hate content, and the intricate dynamics surrounding the spread and detection of conspiracy theories on platforms like Reddit. My primary focus centers on ensuring online information integrity by leveraging Network Science, Natural Language Processing, and Large Language Models to unveil biases, ensure fairness, and detect instances of misinformation.

Recent News

Announcment I am currently seeking a summer internship for 2024
03-2024 Our paper, “Classifying Conspiratorial Narratives At Scale: False Alarms and Erroneous Connections”, was accepted at ICWSM 24. See you in Buffalo.
11-2023 I passed my Comprehensive Exam. The topic of my exam was “Ethical Considerations in CSS Research, from Human Labor to LLMs”
05-2023 Our paper, “A Weakly Supervised Classifier and Dataset of White Supremacist Language”, was accepted at IEEE ACL
04-2023 Presenting at ACM The Web conference, [CySoc] (https://cy-soc.github.io/2023/) workshop 2023, Austin, Texas. See you there.
03-2023 Our paper, “Online to Offline Crossover of White Supremacist Propaganda”, was accepted at The Web Conference 2023.
02-2023 Our work “Online to Offline Propaganda” is under review at CySoc 2023.
01-2023 Our work “White Supremacist Language” is under review at ACL 2023.
10-2022 I was invited to talk at CAH workshop at CMU.
09-2022 I presented my work with CAH in Eradicate Hate Global Summit.
05-2022 I joined Collaboratory Against Hate (CAH) as a Research Intern.